School Empowerment To Develop Resilience And Skill Sets!

Empowerment of every child should start from the classrooms of schools. It is the place where each takes their first steps to empower themselves for a better tomorrow. It helps in developing the skills and resilience of students. The school staff can help the students to develop their skills through daily interactions with kids.

Empowerment lessons can help in fostering the key elements needed by each student to grow up, face the world and take wiser career decisions. It also helps in the promotion of mental health. Empowerment is the process by which individuals learn to increase their involvement in decisions that determine the course of their life. They no longer have to depend on others to take a decision. They are empowered by themselves to think, analyze the situations and take appropriate actions and decisions.

The empowerment process involves committed efforts from the side of teachers. They take time out to listen, understand and support the role each student takes in their own lives. They are positively engaged in the learning process and development of a strong concept of self. There are mainly five elements that help the students to get empowered. They are skills and knowledge, confidence, commitment, active support, responsibilities, and opportunities.


School Empowerment

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