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The Forum on Educational Accountability (FEA) has been formed to expand on and advance the ideas in the "Joint Organizational Statement on No Child Left Behind" to improve federal education policy. The Joint Statement has been signed by more than 153 national education, civil rights, religious, children's, disability, and civic organizations, representing more than 50 million members.

The "Joint Organizational Statement on No Child Left Behind," released in October 2004, calls for significant changes to improve federal education policy. The signatories to the "Joint Statement" emphasize the need to shift the No Child Left Behind law from applying sanctions for failing to raise test scores to supporting states and localities and holding them accountable as they work to make the systemic changes that improve student learning. 

FEA has sponsored numerous reports and proposed legislation, available on this site. In June 2009, FEA issued "Empowering Schools and Improving Learning" as a second, supplementary joint statement, with more than 80 initial signers. This document fleshes out ideas in the initial statement. It focuses on opportunity to learn, assessment, accountability, and school improvement.

FEA Recommendations for Improving Federal Law - Summary July 2014


Letter to Congress, Feb 19, 2014. The Forum on Educational Accountability (FEA) called on Congress to adopt a compromise to address disagreements between the House bill and the Senate committee bill on how to replace No Child Left Behind (NCLB). The FEA proposals address school improvement, accountability and assessments. The proposals would serve each house’s goals and provide an educationally sound new federal law. These proposals both bridge differences between the houses and create a new vision for ESEA based on FEA's proposals for a new federal education law.

"Overhauling Assessment Systems" summarizes FEA's analysis and positions. It discusses assessment for instruction as well as for accountability of schools and educators. It states FEA's concerns with NCLB and related federal policy, and offers recommendations for new and better assessment.

FEA Update:

Members of the Forum on Educational Accountability (FEA) have studied Rep. John Kline’s legislation for reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). We applaud some of the steps Mr. Kline proposes in the “Student Success Act” and the “Encouraging Innovation and Successful Teachers Act.” However, we have serious concerns with other important parts of his legislation.
See more of the letter in repsonse to the legislation here: http://www.edaccountability.org/Kline_bill_FEA_letter.pdf

What Should Congress Do About Teacher Evaluation? A Public Letter from the Forum on Educational Accountability.

FEA Recommendations for Improving ESEA/NCLB - Summary and Full

FEA's revised 2011 two-page summary of its recommendations on the reauthorization of ESEA is here.

FEA's detailed recommendations, submitted to the Senate HELP committee in 2010, is here.

New FEA report:

“All Children Deserve the Opportunity To Learn.”

FEA Recommendations for Successful School Turnaround Efforts

See the FEA statement, "A Research- and Experience-Based Turnaround Process," that focuses on flexible local use of elements common to school improvement, and that Congress should include in ESEA/NCLB reauthorization.

See Ratner and Neill, "Common Elements of Successful Turnarounds: Research and Experience," for analysis and summary of research on successfully improving schools.