Empowerment of Girls, The Multitalented Assets Of Our Nation!

Empowering students is one of the most important necessities of today’s education curriculum. Our nation has now changed a lot in the path of progression and is no longer the sexist community which prevented girls from getting empowered and progress in their careers and lives. Nowadays, schools are empowering girl students to be the leaders of tomorrow, to lead from the forefront and not go behind, be it in terms of education, resilience, or confidence.

Girls nowadays need grit and confidence to face the world and strive for achieving their dreams. Hence, we prepare the girls by encouraging them so that they can start thinking in a critical way about the opportunities ahead of them, the world that surrounds them and also throws light on the exclusions and struggles they might have to face. Life is not easy, and the path to success is never a bed of roses. Preparing these girls in advance to tread the path hidden with thorns to finally touch the alps of success is one of the most important tasks of every talented educator out there. Adequate training aids in the professional development of each candidate and lets them choose the right career at the right time. It also helps to improve school performance and get better grades.

Here is why the empowerment of girls is a necessity in schools:

  • The girls learn activism and learn to question those in power without fear. They learn to question any misbehavior, racism or sexism thrown at them by society. This makes the girls healthier psychologically and also makes them more confident and resilient.
  • Empowerment helps girls to voice out their feelings, emotions, and thoughts much more easily and clearly. Thus, they learn to trust their instincts, voice out their solutions, and above all, remain true to themselves.
  • Empowerment practices in schools make schools become gender diverse. The diversity becomes a valued and easily visible element in every school. The girls start to challenge certain qualities traditionally preserved for them, like for instance, complying to everything. They learn to assert themselves and to demand their rights. When more and more girls come forward, boldly declaring their thoughts and opinions, it opens the mind of society as a whole and instills progressive thinking.
  • The girls realize the prevalence of differences on the basis of race, class, disability, gender, ethnicity, and sexism in the society. This helps them to fight against such atrocities and pave the way for comprehensive and effective solutions.

Thus, empowerment paves the way for the overall development of girls and helps them fight against the societal restrictions. It helps them unfurl their wings of freedom and reach out for their dreams. It makes them realize that they are not any less of a human and has equal rights to dream, achieve and conquer! It makes them more confident about themselves and guides them to take the right decisions. They further enter society and imparts the lessons learned to other people. Thus, they change society as a whole and make the world a progressive place to live in. A place where unfair practices are disregarded and fair methods are received with open arms.