Federal Education System & Their Contributions

One of the most essential needs of every citizen is that of a good and proper education. In the United States, education happens to one of the critical responsibilities of the State and the local authorities. There are both public and private schools in the US, and while public schools are the responsibility of the government, private schools are built by communities and well as private organizations. They are also responsible not only for establishing these schools and colleges but also involved in developing curricula and deciding on what is the need for enrolment as well as for graduating.

As far as the finance for education in the US is concerned, the structure clearly shows the role of the government both in the general sense and well in the local sense. It is reported that out of the valued 1.15 trillion dollars that is being used all over the US for education at various levels for the academic school year of 2012 to 2013, a vast majority of this comes from the federal and local governments as well as from private sources. When it comes to the elementary as well as the secondary level of school education, more than 90 percent of the funds that are non-government sources.

The contribution of the federal government to both elementary as well as secondary education is roughly around 8 percent, and this also includes the funds that are not just from the department of education of the US but also from various government agencies, and this includes the health department and the program for the school lunch involving the agriculture department of the US.

Funding By The Federal Government

It is true that the share of the education department in the total funding of education in the US is not very big, but the education department leaves no stone unturned in ensuring that it uses the money for the best that it can do. Whenever it sees a lapse in the education system, it makes sure that it covers it by providing the right kind of support both in policy formulation terms and in many other ways, especially when there is a need for a better policy enforcement and so on. Hence,

  • It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the federal government does whatever it can to ensure quality education to its people.
  • While the department of education was established in the US in the 19th century, it has been able to evolve into a department that is committed to establishing good education for all its citizens as well as formulating educational policies that are useful for its citizens in the long run.
  • The Morrill Act among others ensures that college education in the field of agriculture and engineering is accessible.

The main focus of the education department of the US is to ensure that it provides education to all and one that is free, non-sectarian and unbiased. Hence its policy objectives are meant to fulfill its primary role in providing education to all its citizens, and formulating the right curricula for the same.