Know about the Schooling System in USA

The majority of students from various parts of the world attend the schools in USA to obtain a degree. It is believed that getting school and college education in USA is the most rewarding attempt due to the presence of high ranking school. It gives them a chance to get more knowledge. If the student has obtained education degree or qualification from top American Universities, it is considered as highly worth.

The American universities are popular all over the world and it is not simple to get admission or successfully complete the schooling or college. It is a rewarding and exciting experience to get education in a country like America. It is expensive and hard to finance for American education. It is the most expensive education than any other part of the world. The local, state and federal governments offer and control funds for the entire education system in USA.

School design in USA
It is necessary for all the students to remain aware of education system in USA if they have plans to get schooling or degree in one of top universities in USA. The school system starts with kindergarten and it continues to 12 years of high school and primary education. It is mandatory to get graduation in any university or college. When the children is around five or six years of age group, they will enrolled in quality schools that follows a particular educational system. It is completely free for the children to select public schools, private schools, or home schools. It is their option. In America, the academic year of school starts from early September of late August every year. It ends in early June or late May.

· Elementary or Primary Education System in the United States
In elementary or primary school education, the student should complete five grade of schooling education. The five grades concentrates on launching children to comprehensive range of socialization skills, reading, basic academic learning, leadership, knowledge and talent development to help them in their future. It also covers basics of science, Mathematics, fine arts, physical development, English proficiency, and social studies.

· Secondary Education System in the United States
Senior school and middle school or junior high school together offers secondary education. The junior high school refers to grade six till eight and the high school starts from the ninth grade. It continues to twelfth grade.

The compulsory subjects taught in majority of United States high schools are:
· Social sciences- economics, geography and history
· English- oral languages, composition, literature and humanities
· Mathematics- calculus, geometry, algebra and statistics
· Science- physics, chemistry and biology

The health courses are made compulsory by majority of the states. So the students also learn about drug awareness, sexuality, nutrition and first aid and coaching of new principles. Physical education, foreign language and art have also been made mandatory by certain schools along with the curriculum.
· Undergraduate studies in the United States

Some common bachelor degrees are as follows
· Bachelor of Arts
· Bachelor of Architecture
· Bachelor of Philosophy
· Bachelor of Social Work
· Bachelor of Fine Arts
· Bachelor of Science