Know about the Secondary and Elementary Schooling in the United States

The primary or elementary school is the starting course of compulsory education. Following, the children will be promoted to secondary education. The children should be between 12 and 18 age group to qualify for secondary education. It is almost like a high school. It is divided into senior high and junior school. The junior high school is reserved for kids in the age group of between 12 and 14 years and the senior high school is reserved for the students between 15 and 17 years of age.

The elementary education starts for children in the age group of five and six years. It mostly depends where the kindergarten education is taken and according to the particular state. It is not mandatory to regularly give attendance during kindergarten.

The child should be five years to get admitted in the kindergarten. Generally, the child should be joined in the first grade or kindergarten by the time they turn six years. The elementary school remains co-educational. It means it has the combination of both girls and boys in a class. The co-educational system continues till the child is 11 years or until the students the students reach to a junior high school or center school. In certain areas, the students are sent to elementary school until he/she turns 13 and following they will step to senior high school.

Elementary School Design

The program in elementary school changes with the educational points and association of community groups and private schools. The students will be promoted from one grade to the next grade analysing his/her achievements and skills. There are chances for the student to remain in the same grade when their performances is not upto the mark. If the student performs exceptionally great, then they can skip one grade and start with the next grade. In certain districts, the students are tested to analyse whether they are exceptionally qualified to skip one grade.

The elementary schools offer education in various important aptitudes like geography, history, math, written work and reading, physical education,talent development, crafts, science, music and coaching of new principals. In the recent years, foreign language training is introduced in certain high schools. It is usually taught in elementary school. The students in elementary grade of quality schools are given regular homework.

Secondary school
In certain districts, the students will join in senior or junior high school or they will join in middle school till they are 13 years of age. Later, they will proceed to senior high school for four years. Most schools that offer secondary education follow co-educational model as they follow in elementary school. The high schools in America are mostly bigger in size than other countries of the world. The provincial high schools will have more than 2000 students easily in city suburbs and rustic regions.

The educational module usually include math, English, sociologies, social studies, physical education, and leadership and career plans as electives. The students would concentrate on four subjects in each quarter.